Haraki Gordon Green Tea Testimonials

Haraki Gordon Green Tea Testimonials

High Blood Pressure

I bought Matcha for my high blood pressure just to see if it would work- After one month I noticed my jeans were loose- I’m down to a size 4 from a size 8.  My blood pressure went from 160/90 (highest) to 137/84 in one month.  I use Matcha as a meal replacement, snack- Anytime in the morning. Jacque 53 years old, Davenport, IA

Hip Pain

I have been drinking their green tea for 2 weeks.  I have had hip pain for more than one year.  Yesterday, I walked 6 miles with no discomfort.  I am 75 years old and plan to be walking at 100 years old, drinking their green tea.Nancy 75 years old, Columbia,SC

Weight Loss

I just enjoy Matcha because the way it makes me feel.  I feel so much better when I drink Matcha, which resulted in losing over 80lbs off of my weight in one year time.  I also apply Matcha on my blemishes so it will reduce the scarring.  Thank Matcha and I cannot live without it!!!
Kari 40 years old, Walcott, IA


I gave Matcha to my 9 ½ year old grandson who has Florida Allergy.  A half hour later, the symptom is gone!  When I drink their tea, I feel much more energy!
Karin 66 years old, Sarasota, FL

Eyesight – Macular Gegeneration

My doctor had diagnosed me with early Macular Degeneration.  I bought their green tea (including Matcha) 1 ½ year ago and I have been drinking green products from this company every day.  Recently, comparative tests were run on my eye sight and I had significant improvement on my eye health.  Thank you for your products!
Mary, Rock Island, IL

Lower Blood Sugar

I have been drinking their green tea for about one month.  I have diabetes and my blood sugar level has lowered significantly.
Lorie, Clearwater, FL


I will be 60 soon, and I have arthritis whole life.  Since drinking their tea, no pains, even though I am weight-lifting.  (She no longer takes glucosamine!)
Kathy, Sarasota, FL

Eyesight – Weight Loss – Energy

I was having small vision problems (Blurry and night vision.)  I started drinking Matcha and they went away.  I also lost 8 pounds!  More clean energy, no down side!
Andy, Burlington, IA

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Down

Instead of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, I have been drinking their tea and both my cholesterol and blood pressure went down!
Jacqueline, Manhattan Beach, CA

Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Down

My wife and I have been buying and drinking tea for years.  The tea that is on the store shelves cannot match the quality and taste of the tea we purchase here.  Since we have started drinking their tea, we have seen a significant improvement in our blood pressure and in our blood sugar levels.  I (Gene) put it in my water jag, and I don’t need soda to keep me working all day!!  If you can replace some of the Bad in your life, and substitute it with the Good, WHY NOT?!
Gene, Milan, IL

Gastritis Pain Reduced

He has been taking over-the-counter medicine to ease his pain from gastritis.  Over time, over-the-counter medicine quit working to ease his severe pain.  He was about to get prescribe drugs to treat his gastritis and he met us at farmer’s market in Sarasota, FL.  The following week, he came back and told us that drinking a hot cup of Matcha before going to bed to ease his gastritis pain and he could sleep through the night.  (Oral testimonial at the farmer’s market).
Male customer, Sarasota,FL


After drinking this tea for 3 weeks I am able to get up with a pain free body – Thanks so much!
Susan, Rochester,NY(Customer who had been suffering from arthritis for years)

Sciatic Nerve Pain

I had a terrible problem with my sciatic nerve.  From the first day I drank green tea, my problem disappeared!  I am so grateful to have found this tea!
Maggie, Sarasota, FL

IBS & Acid Reflux

I have IBS & Reflux Disease.  Been drinking red tea and Matcha for about 3 weeks.  Have noticed great improvement so far!
Jim and Dale, Canada

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