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Haraki-Gordon green tea comes from the Haraki family farm which has a 600 year history of growing amazing tea. This farm is located in a pristine area of Japan near Mt Fuji.

With 600 years of experience – handed down from generation to generation – they’ve become true ‘Zen Masters’ of everything to do with green tea.

What this means to us is having complete confidence in knowing we’re consuming something very special. That’s because this is a genuine ‘green tea’ – packed with all the taste and the highest nutritional goodness found in a world-class product.

So what makes Haraki-Gordon so special?

Perfect Location: • The farm is in a ideal pristine environment (climate, soil, rain)

Organically Grown: (a rarity today).

Harvested by Hand: (so each individual tea leaf is picked at the perfect time).

Carefully stone ground into powder: (powdered green tea delivers FAR more nutrition and medicinal qualities to the body AND is far more convenient to use).

Freshness: Shipped by Air Express to us (99% of green tea brands sold here in the states have lost their potency during lengthy shipment &/or storage).

Smooth (not bitter) Taste: Haraki-Gordon Matcha is NOT bitter like many others – in fact – its the smoothest you’ve ever experienced.

Time Convenience: Powdered tea dissolves instantly in water (no steeping necessary).

green tea powder

Matcha Green Tea Powder

The Haraki family of Sizoka, Japan happen to be ‘artists’ at producing organically grown Green Tea.

For the past six-hundred years; this family have been mastering this art of growing, harvesting, and producing green tea.

The Haraki family’s legacy is amazing in itself, but it does not explain how Haraki tea made it here to the USA. We reveal that part of the Haraki-Gordon story (a unexpected romance) in another post.

This site also offers wide range of ‘green tea’ articles you’ll find worthwhile. We cover everything from the importance of ‘quality’, to health benefits and scientific studies.

By exploring the site you quickly become a savvy consumer. That will not only save you money – but will also make sure the tea you purchase in the future is actually doing your body some good!

Matcha is perfect to use in a Green Tea Diet

Using their Matcha as the foundation for a green tea diet will also provide additional health benefits which you can learn more about here on this website.

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