Japanese Matcha Tea Benefits Are Unique

The special benefits of Japanese Matcha Tea are quickly making it the green tea of choice for a knowledgeable group of health conscious Americans. In this brief article we’ll reveal the type of information that will ensure you don’t get taken advantage of, as well as some surprising benefits even educated drinkers are surprised to learn. japanese matcha tea

This unusual article will not only reveal the secrets behind this special type of tea, it will also share exactly what to look for when buying matcha green tea. You’ll learn whether you’ve been buying the ‘real deal’ – or just some pretty packaging posing as a the king of all herbs.

Mixed in with these ‘need to know’ facts will be some truly fascinating insights on the huge impact Green Tea has had on entire cultures (like China, & Japan).

This background information will help you make far better buying decisions in the future.

In the minute it takes you to read this article you’ll essentially become an ‘instant connoisseur’ of green tea. You will also understand the evolution of why people are switching to the powdered variety.

That’s important to you for two primary reasons:

  1. You’ll discover what elements to look for to get the greatest possible health benefits from green tea.
  2. You’ll end up saving a ton of money by not wasting it on what I call ‘junk food’ tea.

First I’ve got to apologize. I’m apologizing because I’m going to be speaking to you in a frank no-nonsense manner.

That’s because, some of the big brand name food manufacturers you’re familiar with are taking advantage of green teas growing popularity. And because people recognize the brand they mistakenly think that they’re producing a quality product. Most of the green tea products readily available here are as close to genuine – as a skeleton is a sumo wrestler.

With knowledge comes power, and now it’s time to turn the tables on them because they are cheating people from the astonishing perks this ancient beverage provides.

So I’m asking you to trust me for just a minute or two – and read the entire article – because 99.2% of you will learn several things here that are really important.

Here’s a quick example: You may already understand that Matcha tea is not made from a tea bag or loose leaf tea. This tea is made made specially raised tea plants which have had their harvested leafs stone ground to produce a super-fine powder. This is dissolved in either hot of cold water and consumed. The key point here is you’re consuming the whole tea leaf.

What this means is your body receiving up to 30% more nutrition and antioxidants because you’re consuming the whole leaf! Using the steeped tea method is like peeling a banana and only eating half of it, something which makes zero sense nutritionally or for your wallet.

I’d say that’s pretty important – 30% more power to make you feel great! And guess what? There are a whole slew of other benefits to enjoy as well. For instance. Doctor Oz, who originally appeared on the Oprah show, along with anti-aging specialist Dr. Perricone; both state that drinking green tea daily is a great step for good health.

Google ‘green tea research’ and you’ll find well over three million pages devoted to the topic!

The Incredible Story Behind Green Tea:

  • The Chinese considered green tea as ‘King of all Herbs’
  • They have been consuming it for over 4,000 years due to its many medicinal uses
  • Not only was it the only herb recommended for daily use,
  • Green tea was one of the Chinese ‘Seven Necessities of Life’ (along with rice, firewood, cooking oil, sauce, and vinegar)
  • It was used as a form of Currency for hundreds on years and the practice was still in effect in Siberia until the 2nd World War

This ancient Chinese saying sums up their long-standing devotion to green tea:
Better to be deprived of food for three days, then tea for one”

Are you beginning to get the true sense of green tea’s importance?

Japan finally caught in the year 1191 A.D. thanks to a Buddhist monk named Myoan Eisai. This is the  monk who started Zen Buddhism in Japan. He had noticed a distinct difference between the health of the Chinese people and the Japanese. When he returned home from his studies he brought the first tea plant seeds to Japan. He was also largely responsible for rapid adoption for drinking green tea across the entire country.

Myoan was so impressed with the medicinal properties of green tea he wrote a two-volume book about it titled: ‘Kissa Yōjōki’ (How to Stay Healthy by Drinking Tea). The first sentence of the first volume reads: 

‘Tea is the ultimate mental and medical remedy and has the ability to make one’s life more full and complete.’ 

The book details many of the positive effects green tea has on a wide range of health issues as well as the positive effect it has on the five vital organs – in particular the heart.

Due to it’s new level of importance – everything to do with green tea soon thereafter became an Art form!  How so?Here are Some examples: japanese matcha tea field

  • Growing: Farms were located on pristine mountain regions with perfect growing conditions (organic soil and ideal weather).
  • Harvesting: The best green tea comes from the very first new leaves to emerge in the spring and are picked by hand to ensure the leaf is at it’s absolute peak.
  • Processing. Steaming started being used to lock in the nutritional values and taste.
  • Stone Grinding. Yes another Art form – if done incorrectly the tea becomes ‘burnt’.
  • Blending tea: Several varieties of green tea are mixtures of ‘Sun Tea’  and ‘Shade Tea’ (like Matcha) – and a Master Blender is needed to do this correctly. 

Warning! If you do not know what farm your tea is being grown on – and whether or not they still adhere to these age-old  art-forms – the tea you’re drinking is not likely delivering all the medicinal benefits you should be enjoying.

Warning #2:It’s also extremely important to know how fresh your tea is. Unfortunately, even the green tea sold in health food stores is often so old the medicinal qualities have been severely diminished. The tea sold in grocery stores is even older and is absolutely worthless by most accounts.

Japanese matcha tea offers several great advantages over other forms of green tea:

  1. Extra Nutrition and antioxidants: It’s estimated that up to 30% more of the antioxidants and nutrition that green tea is famous for are absorbed by consuming the whole tea leaf.
  2. Speed: Since it is a powder, this green tea can be made instantly – in either hot or cold water.
  3. Convenience & Ease of Use: No chemically bleached  tea bags needed, no soggy tea leafs to dispose of, no waiting for steeping, etc. Personally; I normally put my favorite tea powder directly into my water bottle and give it a quick shake!
  4. Flexibility of Use: Since it’s in powder form I can consume it in any number of ways (add it to smoothies, cereals, food & drink recipes).

A quick recap:

  • Green tea has been used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes for over 4,000 years.
  • Science is now backing up what millions of people have experienced.
  • The quality of the green tea you are consuming means everything in terms of whether you’re actually getting the medicinal qualities you’re looking for!
  • Japanese green tea powder has a bunch of advantages over regular green tea including delivering far more antioxidants and nutrition to the body.

Now that you’ve finished reading all the information here; I can confidently tell you that you’re better informed than 99% of American population, and this knowledge will serve you well indeed. You’ll know what to look for when purchasing tea and perhaps where to buy matcha tea which can truly benefit your body, mind and soul.